Benita Cadd

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Drum Sox

Yolanda was the breath of fresh air I needed! Nothing was too hard and she hit the nail on the head first go. Even with my small budget, she managed to get me to a point where my website had a completely fresh look and feel which I am super happy with! Getting my head around the Wix platform was made much easier with Yolanda's helpful guidance and explanations and I felt comfortable and confident adding the extra pages myself. Yolanda's after-sales is also amazing, she was constantly checking on my progress and making sure I wasn't getting stuck. I would have no hesitations in recommending OTAGO IT and will definitely be back when my business expands!

Kelly McLeod

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Keto Ready To Go

A pleasurable experience dealing with Yolanda. She is very easy to communicate with. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs to be guided into running your business from your website. Thanks, Yolanda our website is amazing.

Jacki Wuersching

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Mundubbera Motel

I had an urgent issue with my domain renewal/expiration and needed knowledgeable assistance urgently to get it rectified before my online presence and email went down for an unknown period of time. Yolanda not only helped me straight away, but she also had excellent customer service skills and expertise. I am extremely grateful that she was able to assist me and will continue to go back to her for all of my WIX inquiries moving forward. I definitely recommend her.

Nick Kontopoulos

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Illawarra Rehabilitation Clinic

Yolanda helped me to finish my project and take it from an amateur web page to a professional web page. I am very happy with the results and will certainly be asking her to help with any additional work in the future. Highly recommended.

Martin Schult

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Gifts from The Shed

Yolanda responded quickly to my request for professional assistance and was extremely helpful and willing to help me out. She understood what I wanted to achieve even though I didn't have the technical knowledge and terminology to articulate my thoughts. She was efficient and had a genuine desire to help. Money very well spent and I will not hesitate to seek her professional assistance again. Highly recommend. Yolanda to anyone requiring help to set up or enhance their website or for any level of training.

Elle Laikve

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Essential Bowen Therapy

Yolanda's expertise and calm approach quickly alleviated my frustrations with my website publication issue. My confidence and trust in Yolanda grew from her steady efforts to check in and follow up with me and the final great news that my issue had been resolved. Thanks so much.

Tyla Stretton

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Milestone Learning

Educational toys and resources. Tyla designed her own website with the toys and games she creates. We are looking forward to helping Tyla in the future.

Tom Gorman

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Beacon Evolution

I helped Tom with training only. "I am very pleased with Yolanda. I had specific questions and she provided very specific answers. She understood that it was important to understand my problems and provide solutions, rather than some broad guidelines. I am often skeptical of the value of consultants, but I would recommend Yolanda to anyone. She gave me a clear direction that saved me hours of useless research and then solved my SEO problem so well that I saw results in Google the same day."

Mark Keogh

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Mark Keogh Training

Yolanda was/still is terrific. Very creative and took the time to understand me, my business and how I like to run my business. Creatively she hit the nail on the head, most of our editing was more about me changing may mind, probably much to her frustration! If you want a personalised service, not just a website produced, give Yolanda an email.

Sara Beecroft

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Villa Savasana

I made an appointment to meet with Yolanda as I wanted to discuss our website needs in person versus via email. As we are positioned in luxury hospitality we are pitching towards a very discerning client in a highly competitive market therefore we wanted to improve the website to gain a higher share of viewers and maintain viewers interest on-line to create a more user friendly experience and provide informative detail more likely to generate direct bookings rather than relying on other booking platforms. Yolanda was very helpful & professional in pointing out ways to update the SEO, general edits and ideas for browsers to "Call for Action" to encourage website browsers to call me with any questions. I will continue to work with Yolanda and highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance in I.T and advice on operating Wix, keywords and google analytics and general advice on the constantly changing digital marketplace.

Joshua Lee

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JAC Lawyers

Yolanda is a great developer. I have recommended her to other people. Wix should be proud of her. She keeps to the timeline and works hard.

Paul Errington

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Inner West Pest Control

Professional operator, a creative who provided a fantastic service, listened to what I wanted and delivered, on time and on budget.
Thank you, Yolanda.

Vanlang Pham

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Fly Like The Boss

Yolanda was efficient, courteous and highly skilled. I recommend her as a partner for any kind of professional website

Nathan Trakman

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Susan Rose

Yolanda was extremely helpful and very efficient in all aspects of our website development. She was very practical in her approach and understood our needs and priorities as a small start up business.

Lisa Macfarlane Reid - Tresillian Arts Centre Coordinator

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Tresillian Arts Centre - Australian Government (Nedlands)

Yolanda was very enthusiastic about our website and explored all options to provide us with the best possible outcome.

Our site had to address a variety of complexities to ensure customer satisfaction with our user group. Yolanda researched all options and made requests for changes to the WIX platform in areas that did not meet our business requirements.

She addressed all feedback during the design of the site, adapting and editing to create a beautiful and functional site which captures our core business functions, and much more. She provided advice on the promotion of our programming and the ways in which the new site could expand our audience and customer base.

She provided ongoing support throughout the launch of the site, from initial implementation through to launch and delivery to our user group. This involved many sessions of one on one support with both staff and customers.

Yolanda always acted in the most professional manner and was a delight to work with.

Carly Salisbury

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Just Fake It Nail Artist

Jun 30, 2019
This was my first time requesting assistance from a Wix Expert and I have to say I'm extremely happy Yolanda contacted me.

Yolanda not only helped me with my problem, she explained everything to me so that I understood exactly how everything worked.

I can't thank her enough and now I can finally start sending my clients to my website and actually get some sleep! 😜

What an absolute life saver! Xx

Jason Ward

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